Turnkey Projects

We also undertake Turnkey projects as all alone and also associate as joint partner on turnkey basis. It may be for errection and commissioning or sum shutdown activity. Powermaster engineering team is there to ensure comprehensive services. We not only support with tools and crews but also with our experienced engineering we assist in overall planning and organisation of operations.

RF ID Tagging

We also Provide RFID tagging services to our customers against conventional metallic tagging. Whenever the job is done by our crew it is at no additional charges if required for Flange management services at plant.

It not only makes it fast and easy to monitor and trace record of specific Joints. Compliance of inspection and recording time of system gets completed faster and gives a fail proof method for inspection of Joint tagging.

RFID System can help you:
  • To computerize the joint record and management.
  • Easy identification and location tracing of specific joint.
  • Inspection and safety compliance being digitally recorded.
  • Easy history tracing of a joint.
RF ID Tagging